The winery boasts a peculiar shape of plain and symmetric lines which are juxtaposed with the surrounding worker. Despite this, it is perfectly integrated in the landscape of the valley. The winery is built with traditional materials and is surrounded by the vineyards that provide the valuable raw material.

Inside the building you can visit the modern winemaking facilities, taste our products and contemplate the landscape while enjoying a delicious meal in the restaurant on the upper floor. 

In Barahonda we make balanced and expressive wines full of colour and flavour; complex wines which have their personality and which every year achieve prizes, awards and high scores by the best wine critics in the world.

As the Barahonda logo proclaims, our wines are linked to the field, made from the vine. Grapes are carefully raised as it is an essential part in the personality of a quality wine.

Antonio y Alfredo Candela

The Candela's

Around 1850 Pedro Candela Soriano started to produce and sell small amounts of wine locally. In 1925 Antonio Candela García endowed a small winery. Subsequently the winery was managed by Antonio Candela Poveda, who made it grow and develop throughout the years. Nowadays, his two sons, Antonio and Alfredo, take the helm and manage the wineries and the family estates.

From a small and local business to a modern winery which produces quality wines highly appreciated in the international markets, the knowledge and traditions have been handed down through these four generations. The Candela Family has spent a lifetime working with wine and Barahonda is the visible result of this passion.