“The company Señorío de Barahonda S.L. is a winery dedicated to the production and marketing of red, white and rosé wines with Yecla designation of origin, both for the national market and for export.


Within a traditionally wine area such as the term of Yecla in Murcia, where the continental climate with Mediterranean influence and scarce rainfall come together, together with limestone and permeable soils, generate an ideal condition for the cultivation of the vine, which together with our advanced techniques of elaboration and aging as well as a careful control of the grape from its production plot, It is what has generated that our wines have an excellent quality and acceptance in the market.


The family tradition of the company, with origins in 1925 through the Candela family, has led to apply an artisanal spirit to our wines and that, with the application of technologically advanced systems for the control of our processes and through an integrated management of quality and the environment, leads us to the placing on the market of excellent wines for the consumer.


In Barahonda we are committed to the protection of the environment so that our activity is carried out within the framework of sustainable development, including the prevention of pollution and other specific commitments relevant to the context of the organization, as well as the rational use of the resources we use. This will allow us to actively participate in the conservation of the natural wealth of a protected environment in which we operate so that the satisfaction of its society is linked to responsible behavior; All this always within the framework of a commitment and compliance with the applicable legal requirements and others that we subscribe, the continuous improvement of the environmental management system and the prevention and minimization of environmental impacts where we can influence the improvement of environmental performance.


Forourpositioningin the marketwehaveassumedthefollowingcommitments:

  • Providethecustomerwithproductsofexcellentqualitywithbrandimage, and alsoaserviceaccording to their expectationswhichwillleadustoachievetheirsatisfactionand
  • Complywiththerequirements of allexternalstakeholders, legalandregulatory, suchasthose of ourclients,theRegulatoryCouncilofD.Yeclaorothersthatwesubscribe.
  • Apply in a continuous and sustainablewayanintegratedquality and environmentalmanagement system, with the permanentobjective of continuousimprovement of the efficiency of the system, throughcontrols and innovations in the processes of selectioninplot, elaboration and aging, the useofcutting-edgetechnologiesandresortingtotheprofessionalismofourstaff
  • Maintainasafe and cleanworkenvironmentminimizingtherisksofincidentsandfavoringinternalcommunicationatall
  • Participate in the protectionoftheenvironmentminimizingsignificantadverse environmental impactson our activities, processes and products, throughprevention,continuousimprovement and theestablishmentandreviewofenvironmentalobjectivesandgoalsinourorganizational


Barahonda, in short, has an ethical company policy to achieve the objectives of conduct that are governed in the company. These guidelines are based on the following principles:

  • Respect:inBarahondaunwanted or annoyingbehaviorsthatinciteintimidation,harassmentand/ or abusebyanyemployeeorexternalpersonnel will notbeDiscriminationbasedongender, race, ethnicity, religion, politicalaffiliation,maritalstatusisprohibited…Inadditiontocomplyingwiththeestablished requirements,BarahondaiscommittedtorespectinginternationallyrecognizedHumanRights.
  • Cooperation and teamwork:Barahondavalues the uniquecontributionthateachpersonmakes to createaninclusiveanddiverse work environment in whichweallhave the opportunity to carryoutourwork in the bestpossibleway, fulfillingtheresponsibilities of theirjobinaccordancewith the principlesofloyaltytothecompany,Goodfaith,integrity and respectforlegalityandethical
  • Capacity for action: each of Barahonda’semployees and externalpersonnelmustassume the responsibility of acting fully and fulfillingtheirrespectiveresponsibilities:actingin a professional,safe and ethicalmannerinaccordance with the standards and knowingandcomplyingwiththeprovisionsoftheapplicableIn addition, those employeeswith the missionofleadingteamsof people mustwatchoverthepeopleundertheirresponsibility, leadbyexampleandsupportstaffwhentheyhavedoubtsortransmitconcerns,alwaysofferingthemacomfortableworkenvironment.
  • Health and Safety: Barahonda is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees and external personnel who visit or work at our To achieve this, Barahonda incorporates safety and health in all activities and undertakes to: always use the required safety equipment and not handle them, as well as inform and train staff on health and safety measures; not to work or visit facilities when they are disabled as a result of alcohol, drugs (including prescription or over-the-counter medication) or lack of sleep… and ensure that risks are assessed and appropriate measures are taken in advance to avoid them.


Señorío de Barahonda S.L., through its Management, undertakes to provide sufficient support and resources for compliance with this policy, within the framework of a sustainable improvement appropriate to the technical, legal and social changes that may occur.”

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