“Señorío de Barahonda S.L. is a winery dedicated to the production and commercialization of red, white and rosé wines with denomination of origin Yecla, both for the domestic market and for export.


Within a traditional wine-growing area such as Yecla in Murcia, where the continental climate with Mediterranean influence and scarce rainfall, together with limestone and permeable soils, generate an ideal condition for the cultivation of the vine, which together with our advanced production and aging techniques and a careful control of the grapes from their plot of production, is what has generated that our wines have an excellent quality and acceptance in the market.


The family tradition of the company, with origins in 1925 through the Candela family, has led us to apply an artisan spirit to our wines and that with the application of technologically advanced systems for the control of our processes and through an integrated management of quality and the environment, leads us to put on the market excellent wines for the consumer.


We are committed to environmental protection, including pollution prevention as well as other specific commitments relevant to the context of the organization so that our activity is carried out within the framework of sustainable development, as well as the rational use of the resources we use, which will allow us to actively participate in the conservation of the natural wealth of the protected environment in which we operate, so that the satisfaction of its society goes hand in hand with responsible behavior, always within the framework of a commitment and compliance with the applicable legal requirements and others that we subscribe to, the continuous improvement of the environmental management system and the prevention and minimization of environmental impacts where we can influence the improvement of environmental performance.


For our positioning in the market we have assumed the following commitments:


  • To provide the customer with products of excellent quality with brand image, and also a service according to their expectations which will lead us to achieve their satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Comply with the requirements of all external stakeholders, legal and regulatory, such as those of our customers, the Regulatory Council of D.O. Yecla or others that we subscribe.
  • To continuously and sustainably apply an integrated quality and environmental management system, having as a permanent objective the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the system, through controls and innovations in the processes of selection in the vineyard, winemaking and aging, the use of state-of-the-art technologies and using the professionalism of our staff.
  • Maintain a safe and clean work environment by minimizing the risk of incidents and promoting internal communication at all levels.
  • To participate in the protection of the environment by minimizing significant adverse environmental impacts in our activities, processes and products, through prevention, continuous improvement and the establishment and review of environmental objectives and goals in our organizational system.


Señorío de Barahonda S.L., through its Management, is committed to provide the support and sufficient resources for the fulfillment of this policy, within the framework of a sustainable improvement appropriate to the technical, legal and social changes that may occur”.

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