SEÑORIO DE BARAHONDA S.L., is a company committed to the protection and conservation of the Environment, and to carry out this commitment has implemented a Management System according to the guidelines of the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 standard.


In accordance with our philosophy of continuous improvement of our environmental performance, we periodically define objectives in this area, the achievement of which entails the development of new work procedures or the redesign of processes and facilities.


In addition, we have environmental indicators with periodic monitoring that provide information on our environmental performance, serving as a basis for decision-making and the establishment of lines of work. SEÑORIO DE BARAHONDA S.L. also periodically determines the environmental aspects derived from its activity and their impact, establishing preventive measures for their minimisation or elimination as the case may be.


In 2021 we began the implementation of our system and due to our sector of activity and the processes we carry out, we have detected the following as the main environmental aspects: electricity consumption, plastic waste and other waste generated specific to the sector. Objectives have been established that allow us to analyse their evolution and control them in order to, as far as possible, reduce their significance, always taking into account the activity and the means available.


In 2023, there have been no accidents/incidents of an environmental nature and we are committed to raising staff awareness of this type of situation in order to mitigate the environmental effects that could arise in the event that they do occur.


During the next 2024, we will work on developing training and awareness-raising actions for staff to achieve the objective of reducing the aspects that have the highest impact and on which we have the capacity to act, such as electricity consumption, plastic waste, hazardous contaminated metal containers, gas consumption, etc., which will lead to a reduction in the number of significant environmental aspects in 2024.


SEÑORIO DE BARAHONDA S.L. It maintains a continuous concern for the environmental impacts generated by its activity and therefore continuously improves its environmental performance.


We are also aware of the potential impacts of our products once they have been manufactured in the transport process (emissions, consumption of gas oil, etc.) until the end of their useful life, where we generate non-hazardous waste that is destined for recovery to be reintroduced as raw material. In this way, the impact once our product has been made is not highly significant.


Likewise, continuous reviews of legal compliance in environmental matters are carried out to ensure correct compliance with the applicable regulations, maintaining a preventive plan and action instructions in the event of environmental emergencies that may occur.


SEÑORIO DE BARAHONDA S.L. In this way, it continues with its environmental commitment, which it will review and update annually by reporting its environmental performance.

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