Barahonda is located in the Designation of Origin (D.O.) Yecla, in the Altiplano region, a transition zone between the plateau and the Mediterranean surrounded by a ring of a low mountain range.


The region’s age-old wine-growing tradition dates back to the time of the Phoenicians, who were already cultivating vines in these lands of poor soil and extreme climate. In recent years, the small D.O. Yecla has gained rapid recognition for the peculiar character and quality of its wines, made from the native Monastrell grape variety.


At present, D.O. Yecla is home to some 6,500 ha of vineyards.


Yecla obtained the Designation of Origin in 1975. Twenty years earlier, the wineries had already begun to proclaim the quality of their wines. These, by taking a new path, left behind the old, more powerful and robust wines, in order to offer modern and elegant bottled red wines, most of which exploit the great potential of the Monastrell grape.


The Designation of Origin covers the municipality of Yecla, located in the southeast of the Peninsula, in the Region of Murcia. The Yecla relief, with its deep, highly permeable limestone soils, gives rise to a vineyard located at an altitude of between 400 and 800 metres above sea level.


Today, technology blends with tradition to guarantee a pleasant and lasting stability that generates a multitude of proposals born from the experience of the oenologists of the different wineries. A rich and diverse proposal, capable of finding followers anywhere in the world.
A rich and diverse proposal capable of finding followers of Yecla anywhere in the world.


They grow at an altitude between 400 and 800 metres above sea level, in deep soils formed by limestone rocks being poor in organic material. The climate is continental, with temperatures ranging from -6 °C in winter to 40 °C in summer. All these factors, together with low rainfall and the temperature difference between day and night, produce slow ripening and favour the concentration and intensity of flavours, colour and aromas in the grapes.


We currently own 150 hectares and have 600 hectares under the control of our technical agricultural department, in order to obtain the best grapes. The vines are planted following a rectangular or square pattern -depending on whether they are bush or trellis- with a planting density that varies between 1,200 vines per hectare cultivated on dry land and 2,900 vines per hectare on irrigated land.


In both cases, the condition of trellis or bush vineyard is allowed.

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