International Vegetarian Day: Barahonda’s vegan wine

Today, October 3, is the international commemoration of Vegetarian Day and at Bodegas Barahonda we are celebrating. As we have been defending since our beginnings, the care of our wines -from the roots of the vine to the moment it is introduced into the bottle- and the care of the environment that surrounds us (both animal and vegetable) is our main objective. Therefore, each and every one of the procedures carried out in our facilities not only respect a vegetarian lifestyle, but go one step further: we are committed to vegan wine and ecology as the basis of our philosophy.

Vegan wine: compelling reasons to choose it

For some time now, the vegetarian and/or vegan lifestyle has been gaining a lot of weight among consumers due to the following main points:

  • The scandal caused by intensive livestock farming.
  • Animal abuse.
  • Health care by reducing meat intake.

Bodegas Barahonda and vegan wine

At Bodegas Barahonda we have 100% of our wines certified as vegan thanks to the processes and products we use to create them. In our winery we do not use animal products and, instead, we use vegetable products for the preparation of the wine, such as peas or potatoes when clarifying the wine.

On this page you can access the full range of vegan wines produced at Bodegas Barahonda.

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