Long live the bees

Fortunately, humanity today knows the importance of bees, and it is thanks to them that we can enjoy our planet as we know it. According to the UN, around 80% of flowering plants are ready to be pollinated by animals and insects, including bees. This is a decisive moment since a large part of the fruits, vegetables and other crops that feed humans and animals depend on bees to fertilise them and help them grow. Moreover, we are not only talking about food, but also about the fact that it is thanks to plants that they produce oxygen and by which we can live.

In danger of extinction

Unfortunately, for some time now, bees have been in danger of extinction, and this not only means the disappearance of bees, but also of all other life on planet Earth.

A nod to the bees

At Bodegas Barahonda we are aware of this problem and with our organic wines we wanted to give a nod to the bees by making them the main protagonists of our labels. With our organic wines we defend the use of natural procedures, instead of chemicals, when caring for the vines. In this way we avoid the extinction of such necessary species as bees.

Barahonda Organic Wines

Barahonda White Organic 2021
Barahonda Rosé Organic 2021
Barahonda Organic 2020
Barahonda Organic Barrica 2019
Barahonda Summum Organic 2019

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