Noche tinta in Barahonda

Because of the Wine Touristic Sessions organised by Ruta del Vino de Yecla, it was celebrated in Barahonda the third edition of ‘La Noche Tinta’.

The event consisted of a feast made by our restaurant and a tasting of the first Monastrell 2013. After that, ‘The Liverpool Band’ was on the stage inside the winery playing songs of The Beatles.

The event was attended by political figures of our city with the Mayor of Yecla, Sr. Marcos Ortuño, and also by the management team of Ruta del Vino de Yecla, representatives from every winery in Yecla, Antonio Candela as the representative of Barahonda, and people from the town. There were around 320 people in the event.

Here you can see some photos of La Noche Tinta.